Juni 2019

by Jack van Marle


What are the advantages of independent mortgage advice?

When you take out a mortgage, you take on a serious responsibility that will last many decades, a responsibility that can sometimes feel like a heavy burden. That’s why the quality and affordability of your mortgage payments is so important, which in turn is the number one reason to opt for independent mortgage advice. Taking out a mortgage means paying fees for advice and negotiation done on your behalf. If you take out your mortgage directly with your bank, these fees might be lower, but since banks can only offer their own mortgage products, this might not always be the wisest move. In this blog we’ll explain the advantages of consulting an independent mortgage advisor.

Choosing the best mortgage

When we talk about the best mortgage, we mean a mortgage where the financing is perfectly suited to your needs, as well as to the property you want to buy. The terms and conditions have to suit your wishes and your wallet. A mortgage is also an important part of your financial planning for the future, as it can affect your pension, your retirement wishes and the way your loved ones will be supported after your death. By taking your wishes for your future into account when deciding on a mortgage, you can secure your future goals and plans. For instance, by taking out the right mortgage, you can start preparing for the sabbatical you want to take 10 years from now.

The ‘one size fits all’ mortgage doesn’t exist

The mortgages offered by various brokers do not have identical terms and conditions. For example, what if you want to sell your property and buy a new one? Can you take your current mortgage with you to your next property? Questions like these can become very relevant when interest rates have gone up a lot in the interim. Providers can also differ a lot when it comes to conditions regarding additional repayment. But the biggest difference between providers lies in the amount of monthly payments they require. And independent mortgage advisor will present you with a large selection of brokers, so you’ll never end up paying more than necessary.

We look beyond just here & now.

In addition to your mortgage, you’ll need to take out various insurances to cover certain risks. For example, you want your loved ones to be well taken care of after you die, which can be arranged through a life insurance policy tailored to your individual situation. What would your loved ones need to get their financial lives back on track after you’ve gone? Of course, we also take into account potential future loss of income through unemployment, bankruptcy or disability. When taking out a mortgage you will unfortunately have to take these unpleasant scenarios into account as well. 

Independence and quality make the difference.

Your bank will undoubtedly be able to offer you sensible advice, but they’ll always be limited by the smaller array of financial solutions they can offer. Nowadays it’s even possible to take out a mortgage online, and simply upload all the necessary documentation. This is very risky however, as you will often only afterwards find out that a cheaper mortgage might mean a lower interest rate, but won’t fit your individual wishes and plans. Truly good mortgage advice is always tailor-made. The support of an experienced and knowledgeable mortgage advisor means you’ll be getting affordable and high-quality advice.

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