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Van Marle Mortgages has an excellent reputation with various property financiers

Property portfolio

I have my own real estate appraisals bureau, Taxatieburo Noord Nederland, and a few years ago I started doing appraisals for several customers of VMM. That’s when I met the Van Marles and started talking to Jack about my own investment portfolio, which at that point consisted of my own home and two rental properties. Jack is a great one for listening to your ideas and coming up with helpful suggestions. Talking to him helped me take the next step with my own investment portfolio, and I expanded it from two to five properties.

Capital gains

People around me know that I’m working in real estate, and I am often asked whether I can help them find a good investment. They mostly have a nice amount of capital gains from their home and maybe some extra savings in the bank as well. In my experience, that kind of money will enable them to buy at least one property, often even two. Here in Friesland there is a constant need for rental properties because not everyone can afford to buy a home, and because there will always be people who need to find someplace to live quickly, for example after a divorce.

Honest advice

It’s very important to me to give my clients honest advice, and to give them a clear overview of all the pros and cons of their options. I recognize the same quality in Van Marle Mortgages. They too give you honest feedback on your situation, including the full bandwidth of your options, which then enables you to decide on your own course of action. I like that. I also think it’s important to always mention the various risks of property investment. Not only can the value of your property change, but the process can take quite some time as well. Things can go really wrong, with tenants no longer paying their rent or destroying your property. And the situation becomes even more serious when property investment is just a side business. That’s why I offer an extra service, asset management. I take care of the letting process and the maintenance, offering a full-service package to my clients. And that is how Van Marle Mortgages works as well: A comprehensive package of financial services including property financing, insurances and of course a solid financial plan.

Working together

I could have never expanded my own property portfolio without Jack’s help. The mortgage providers I know would never agree to finance more than one property at a time. But because Jack has such a good reputation, and knows a lot more property financers, I could buy three extra properties while still having my whole portfolio financed by just one provider. I am now in a position where I can offer Van Marle Mortgages’ great service to my own customers too. By working together with Van Marle Mortgages, I can really focus on finding attractive investment properties for my clients while leaving the financing and the administrative aspects to Van Marle Mortgages. My goal for the future is to expand my services nationwide in a company called ‘Wijzer in Wonen’.

Financing investment property

Real estate investment is popular with investors, because the housing shortage is expected to last for many years still, while the demand for housing will only increase. This creates opportunities for property investors, because the rental market will keep growing. Van Marle Mortgages can help you take the first steps towards a property portfolio, but we are also the go-to company for professional property investors looking for a sound financing strategy. Our first-rate reputation with the application reviewers of property financers and our excellent contacts with a large variety of banks means that we can almost always find a fitting answer to a wide range of financing questions.

Who are our clients?

Van Marle Mortgages supports all property investors: From people who are about to buy their first investment property to professional investors with portfolios of up to 10 million Euros, and everyone in between. And it’s completely up to you to decide how much or how little help you want from us. Our help ranges from a property mortgage for a single investment property to refinancing a complete portfolio. Like no other, Van Marle Mortgages understands the strategic importance of a highly diversified investment portfolio in which real estate can play a key role. That’s why we are always happy to help you integrate your property investments into your financial planning and asset building.

Well prepared

Because of our many years of experience we know exactly how to submit your financing applications to mortgage providers. Being well prepared will make all the difference. You can count on our expertise and we will take full control of the process. Working together we will prepare each step of your financing process, so we can deliver the optimum result.

How may we help you?

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