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Choosing Van Marle Mortgages means choosing quality and a well-organized financial situation. You’ll receive reliable and honest advice, according to the principle of Ne Quid Nimis – everything in moderation, never too much. In addition, you can expect the personalized service, excellent reputation and many years of experience that are the characteristics of a family-run business. Working with Van Marle Mortgages means peace of mind and getting a handle on your finances. That’s why you go to Van Marle Mortgages.

That’s why you go to Van Marle Mortgages | Mortgages

Jelle Drijver

Van Marle Mortgages Successfully negotiated my complex mortgage, and much faster than I expected

Utrecht, that is where we wanted to buy our first home, my girlfriend and I. We knew it wouldn’t be easy to find an affordable house but we had set our hearts on this wonderful city. As new parents we wanted to build a home for our family. An added benefit of Utrecht is its central location in the Netherlands, useful for me as an entrepreneur who needs to visit clients all over the country.

That’s why you go to Van Marle Mortgages | Financial Planning

Felix van Lammeren

Van Marle Mortgages enabled me to finally get a clear picture of my financial situation

Retiring was quite a big life change for me. I was a cancer surgeon and surgery professor for 30 years, and my wife was working as a midwife. When I retired in 2015, I really got that first-day-of-summer-vacation feeling you have as a schoolchild. But we quickly found our feet and we are really enjoying this stage of our lives. From a financial viewpoint nothing really changed. I met Jack van Marle when I was fifty, and ever since I’ve had a clear picture of my financial future.

That’s why you go to Van Marle Mortgages | Insurance

David de Vries

Honest advice and fast results, that’s why I choose Van Marle Mortgages

The first few years of my career, I worked as a surgeon on the island of my birth, Curaçao. I really liked working there, also because the Curaçao government had paid for me to train as a surgeon in Antwerp. The condition of my stipend was that after my training, I would work at a local hospital on the island for a minimum of five years, helping the local population. Apart from the hospital, I also worked at a private clinic in the capital. After nine intense years on Curaçao my wife and I decided to move our family to the Netherlands.

That’s why you go to Van Marle Mortgages | Financing investment property

Douwe Dijkstra

Van Marle Mortgages has an excellent reputation with various property financiers

I have my own real estate appraisals bureau and a few years ago I started doing appraisals for several customers of VMM. That’s when I met the Van Marles and started talking to Jack about my own investment portfolio, which at that point consisted of my own home and two rental properties. Jack is a great one for listening to your ideas and coming up with helpful suggestions. Talking to him helped me take the next step with my own investment portfolio, and I expanded it from two to five properties.


At Van Marle Mortgages it is our pleasure to offer you advice about your mortgage and other financial matters. Our advice is geared towards helping you live comfortably right now, having made the best possible arrangements for your financial future. All done according to our principle of Ne Quid Nimis – never too much, everything in moderation. At Van Marle Mortgages we feel it’s important to share our expertise, so you can make your own informed decisions about the financial products you might need. The tools on this page can help you with this process. However, please do not hesitate to make an appointment as well, so we can advise you on every aspect of your financial position.

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Van Marle Mortgages is situated in the north of the country and supports customers throughout the Netherlands with advice on mortgages, insurances and financial planning. Choosing Van Marle Mortgages means choosing quality, and having things done according to our motto Ne Quid Nimis – never too much, everything in moderation. Living comfortably now with a healthy financial plan for your future.

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