Why Van Marle Mortgages?

Choosing Van Marle Mortgages means choosing quality and a well-organized financial situation. You’ll receive reliable and honest advice, according to the principle of Ne Quid Nimis – everything in moderation, never too much. In addition, you can expect the personalized service, excellent reputation and many years of experience that are the characteristics of a family-run business. Working with Van Marle Mortgages means peace of mind and getting a handle on your finances. That’s why you go to Van Marle Mortgages.

Comprehensive financial services

Van Marle Mortgages helps you take care of your mortgage and insurances and integrates them into one financial plan. This means that your mortgage or life insurance aren’t treated as separate entities, but as part of a larger picture, enabling you to live comfortably now and enjoy a secure future. Van Marle Mortgages’ comprehensive approach to financial services means getting a clear picture of your financial situation and the options available to you.

Customized advice

Whether you have your own business or are in employment, Van Marle Mortgages is here to help. Dentists, general practitioners and medical specialists, expats, entrepreneurs and private individuals can count on us for tailor-made advice. We are also the go-to place for property investors, both beginners and professionals, looking for a customized financing strategy. Our wealth of expertise and experience turns every request into an interesting challenge, and means that we almost always achieve the desired result.

Family-run business

Van Marle Mortgages is a family-run business, with all the benefits that entails. We invest in personalized service and in our long-term relationship with our clients, so you always know who you will be dealing with, now and in the future. We have high standards for our professionalism and expertise, and all the knowledge and experience we have gained and continue to gain is passed down through the generations. The excellent reputation with all our business partners we have built over the years will stand you and your money in good stead.

How we work

We work when you need us to. Van Marle Mortgages understands that the jobs for which you ask our help or advice can be precarious and are often urgent. Therefore, speed and discretion are a given. Van Marle Mortgages has offices throughout the Netherlands. You are welcome to visit us at one of our offices to discuss your finances in person. Of course, if you prefer to contact us via the telephone or email, we are happy to accommodate you as well. If you have a question at night or at the weekend you will receive an almost immediate reaction. Van Marle Mortgages translates your request into a project plan so you get a clear picture of the steps we will be taking for you.

That’s why you go to Van Marle Mortgages